my D.A.R.E essay

In sixth grade we have a class every Thursday called D.A.R.E this stands for Drug.Abuse.Resistance. Education. Another thing D.A.R.E stands for is Define.Assess.Respond.Evaluate. This class helps us kids say no to drugs and what happens when you say yes and get addicted to them.

This class was my favorite thing this year other than camp. I thought this class was fun because we learned what it was like to be behind the eyes of a drunk.With the D.U.I goggles.How we did this was deputy Thomas put a strait line on the floor and you had to put on the goggles and try to walk on the strait line and at the end catch a tennis ball all with the goggles still on this was hard because the goggles made the line all curvy and made the ball look like it was further away than it was.

Another thing deputy Thomas brought in was Mr. Dip lip and smoking Suzie with her jar of tar. Suzie and her jar of tar were really gross I think grosser than Mr. dip lip.

Also when we were on the subject Tobacco deputy Thomas brought in a big frame of  all different cigarettes,chewing tobacco, and cigars. Another thing in that frame was things like the Cigarettes, and chewing tobacco but it is candy for kids one thing we learned was you are not supposed to advertise to kids or on state road billboards so this candy allowed them to get kids hooked but since it was candy it was not like advertising.

My goals for McDowell, High School, And for LIFE are to be drug free. And that I will not let anyone pull me in to doing drugs or smoking the resin I say this is because my dad smokes and I see what he goes through  every day and believe me I do not want to go through that plus cigarettes stink up the house and second hand smoke is even worse. And drugs like marijuana and weed mess up your head and train of thought so if your still in school you would not be able to remember things and if you plain on playing sports don’t count on making the team if you do any of these things or if you get caught doing any of these things. so I plague to be drug free and stay that way for eternity.


Camp Oty-Okwa was Awesome

Have you been to Camp Oty-Okwa? Well I have.  At lunch the first day we only talked to our friends unless their was something we wanted beside someone then we had to ask please pass the and whatever it was we wanted. But at breakfast the next morning some one started talking about how they loved French toast because we were having French toast. Then we all said we do to so then we started talking. Then at lunch we did not care who we sat by or who we talked to. When we went on the hike in stream study every one was helping everyone. Like if someone slipped we would say are you Okay and we would also help someone up if they fell. I feel that is one thing that changed my group. Another thing I feel changed my group is our skit. I feel that changed us because when Patrick told us about the skit we all started laughing and then we all said for the rest of camp our skit is going to be awesome and I cant wait till the fire so we can do our skit. So that is why I feel our skit also brought us together and helped us start talking….. When I think back to camp I think about how the first day I wished that a lot of my friends were in my group but that changed after the second day because there were people in my group that I only talk to when I absolutely had to. The people in my group were Me, Emily D.,Nick U.,Jakob S.,Hayley F., Austin D., Katie R., Dustin C., and Lindsey H. At Breakfast that morning we all liked talking among the group.

I hope you liked reading my post about Camp Oty-Okwa !!

Mushroom Hunting

Mushroom Hunting is my all time favorite thing to do when I get home from school. Me and my brother go out every day and find more and more Mushrooms every day yesterday we found 10 pounds we had like 10 Wal-Mart bags full. My dad used to come with us but he is in construction working so he complains about his back hurting all the time so we don’t take him any more now we either go by our selves our with our uncle. The other day we found 2 pounds so we have 12 pounds of mushrooms in our fridge soaking in water  and we will have more today probably. The reason we can find all these mushrooms is because we have 600 acres of land and a huge  pound out by our house. Last summer we had 500 acres and then my uncle bought another 100 this spring just so we could find more mushrooms than last year. last year we found 20 pounds of mushrooms this year my uncle wants to try to reach 30 pounds this year.

Perfect in just three days What ?

I believe no one can be perfect. I think this because, have you ever seen anyone who is perfect? I know I haven’t. I have seen people who  think they’re perfect but they really aren’t perfect. I’m not naming names (a-hem Mr.McGuire) just kidding. If you think about it, it would be kind of cool to be perfect for one day. Just  imagine what it would be like I will give you a minute as long as you keep reading. Okay times up. In that minute this is what I thought about. When I get my driver’s license I could have the coolest car because everyone would want me to work for them so I would be rich, I also thought that I would be the most popular girl in school and if I was that girl I would stop all the drama that goes on in this school because I’m SICK OF IT! We all need to stop this nonsense it’s stupid. everyone fights over little things that don’t even matter. Thank you for reading my comment on being perfect.

OAA Testing Is Great

I believe that I have got used to being pushed and being tired when I come home from school. Because we have done this almost every year 4th grade, 5th grade and this year 6th grade we have been pushed to get these things right and absorbed in our brain instead of in one ear out the other. The past years I have been relived when the test was over and said I don’t care that its the next day. but this year I can’t wait till we take it and I don’t want it to be over because I believe that I’m going to give 110% and get this test right. But I kind of want it to be over because our science teacher Mrs.Cartee told us that she looked at the calender for may and it looks like nothing but fun. Because we go to camp and we graduate from D.A.R.E class. and we get out of school and have a fun summer and then we go to 7th grade YES!!!!

Martha. grumpy? noooooooooooooooooooo!

I believe that Martha will be very tired and grumpy this means she might be a picky person to be grading papers. if Martha came to my paper with a pounding headache without her diet coke tired and ready to go home and lay down I would be going crazy because for all I know she could just be putting F’s on them. So what I would need to do is be very specific and write neatly so that Martha can read it. I believe that I will test well because I will give my all and do my best I will absolutely give 110% on the OAA test.I’m going to be very confident and get a lot of rest so that I will not be tired when I take the test.

My testing stratiges!!

On the test here are some of the strategies that I use
one if you are having trouble reading it plug your ears and whisper to yourself. Another strategy that I use is don’t fell like you are being pushed to get it done take all the time they give you to take the test. this test is like your trapped in a video game and you want to get out so you go and get cheat codes to figure out how you can get out and when you get the cheat codes what do you do with them throw them away NO you use them that would be stupid if your cheat codes are right in front of you and you don’t use them. you have an advantage to get out and you just sit their doing nothing like a frog in a shallow bucket it has legs it can jump out but what dose it do just sit their like a statue. Another strategy I use is look for captions under pictures and look for were the story ends also look for a word bank. These strategy’s will help you believe me I have for 5 years.